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The choice of school is one of the most important decisions any parent will make. At Capital School, we are passionate about providing a high-quality education in a creative and diverse environment that will help your child succeed in an ever-changing world.

Capital School follows the National Curriculum for England, with added UAE history and culture components. We offer a learning environment where your child is engaged and cared for, where teaching excellence is paramount, and where students are set up to thrive.

100% British trained and qualified teachers

Our teachers are all experienced, native English speakers who leverage their experience and passion for teaching to create an exciting and rigorous learning environment for your child.

Teacher and Whiteboard

Top-class facilities and inspirational learning spaces

The facilities at Capital School have been designed to offer a well-rounded experience for our students from Foundation Stage to Secondary School. From the spacious classrooms, library, outdoor space, two swimming pools, and sporting facilities, we’ve developed a stimulating environment that will enhance learning and help your child thrive.

Swimming Pool

Our Curriculum

AGES 3-5

AGES 5-11

AGES 11-16

Capital School

Capital School is an International school reflecting the diverse nature of students and the context of the UAE as centre of innovation and growth. We work to international standards based around the National Curriculum of England with a strong programme of Arabic and English language to ensure that all students have good communication skills. Our school boasts excellent facilities in sport, technology and learning support and a programme of English language support that will give all our students both the confidence and skill to be able to access the National Curriculum of England successfully and enter higher education and the workforce with confidence. We want our students to be global citizens with a good understanding of global issues and the skills to be able to work together and valuing the contributions all can make. The school will open as a full Primary School and Foundation Stage on the 7th of September 2014 and then in successive years the school will expand into a Secondary School.
Capital School
Capital School
Taking place now until 5pm!
Spread the word to your friends to visit the school to enrol for September! Email admissions@capitalschooluae.com
The team are in school to talk to you about our academic programme.
Capital School
Capital School is at Capital School.
Capital School
Please note we have an Open Day tomorrow from 2pm till 5pm. Please inform your friends to come and visit our amazing school and to meet our academic team. Also on Wednesday from 2:30-4:30pm.
Email: admissions@capitalschooluae.com to confirm an appointment.
Capital School
Capital School is at Capital School.
Well done to all our Year 3 to 6 Stars of the Week. You have worked so hard!
Capital School
Capital School
Updates regarding reports and virtual parent teacher conferences from the Head of Primary, Ms Jasmit
Capital School
Capital School
Capital School
نتطلع إلى عقد اجتماعات افتراضية بين الآباء والمعلمين الأسبوع المقبل. يرجى التحقق من رسائل البريد الإلكتروني الخاصة بك والاتصال بمدرس الفصل للحصول على مزيد من المعلومات.
Capital School
Capital School
Capital School
قام طلاب الصف الخامس بعمل مشاريع مذهلة عن موضوع التلوث !
وانية و هبة قاموا بشرح ماصنعوه لمشاريعهم الفردية. أحسنتم صنعاً ! 🥰😄
الجزء الثالث:
Well done Year 5 on your 3D pollution projects in Social Studies. They are amazing!
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