For any parent or child, the choice of school and the educational pathway is an important decision. At Capital School, we are passionate about providing high quality education to inspire and equip your child with the range of skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing modern world.

We offer a broad and balanced British curriculum

Capital School offers a learning environment where your child is engaged and cared for, where teaching excellence is expected, and an innovative curriculum aligned to the National Curriculum for England.

The culture and history of the UAE are key components of the curriculum, providing your child with an understanding of what it means to be culturally and globally aware and a good citizen.

Your child’s learning is at the heart of everything we do

Your child’s learning is central to us. We have developed content which instils a passion for the subject and a life-long love of learning.

Your child will see things differently

We immerse children in a dynamic learning environment, forever opening their minds to the ideas, insights and innovations of peoples, countries and societies far different from their own.

Your child will cultivate confident curiosity and develop self-confidence

At Capital School, your child will acquire and refine the critical-thinking skills necessary to make sound decisions, and the social awareness to understand diverse cultures.

Our teachers have a wealth of experience

We have native English speakers who can leverage their vast experience and passion to create exciting learning.

A school that is inclusive

We provide opportunities for your child to ‘Embrace Challenge’ on their journey to academic and personal success.

Children’s happiness and well-being are key drivers for a successful learning environment, in which, we ensure every child, whatever their learning, language or emotional needs, makes the best possible progress.

Transparency on your child’s academic progress