• Secondary School * Offering Year 8

    The curriculum in our secondary school, Started since September 2015 and follow the English National Curriculum from years 7 to 9 and will cover all subjects including French as a modern foreign language. Our programme will be modified to provide an international dimension and also to ensure that Arabic and Islamic studies are taught at a level and depth appropriate to the needs of students.

    Our secondary school is a co-educational school and the curriculum will be taught in mixed groups but with an understanding of social and cultural sensitivities. All students will have specific ICT tuition along with ICT and e-learning across the curriculum. All students will have Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) which will include careers advice along with academic guidance as students begin to look at options for their examination courses. A strong English language programme will be provided to support confidence and competence in using the English language to communicate. From Year 10, students will follow examination courses leading to IGCSE qualifications and, in Year 12 and 13, to A level qualifications.

    For those students with specific language and learning needs, or those with particular gifts and talents, the curriculum will be modified and students supported to ensure that they reach their potential. For those students with special educational needs, carefully developed work and support programmes will be provided to meet their needs. Additional courses and qualifications will be offered including IELTS, CEPA and ICDL for those students for whom this is relevant.