Primary School

Expand horizons and learn to see things differently

Primary School is one of the most exciting periods in our young students’ lives. It is where we celebrate and explore their natural curiosity and acceptance of new ideas as we build a solid foundation of skills through our interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Our Primary School curriculum is tailored to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for England, complemented by UAE’s culture and heritage. The curriculum incorporates knowledge of cognitive, social and emotional development of learners, which, provides for a more impactful learning experience.

Our lessons are led by passionate and engaged teachers who inspire, motivate and develop meaningful relationships with our young learners. Our carefully planned learning experiences provide opportunities for young learners to engage with the subject matter, while being fully aware that learners have individual needs and abilities. This ensures that instruction is tailored to meet each young learner’s needs.

At Capital School, our Primary School curriculum is further enriched by Arabic and Islamic Studies, offering learners an opportunity for a deeper understanding of local customs.