Ethos & Values/About Us:

Capital School provides a caring environment whereby each child is valued, encouraged to grow and learn, and in which pupils, teachers and governors strive for excellence.

Our Mission:

Provide a safe, nurturing environment which inspires every student to develop a love for learning, embrace challenge and aspire to reach their full potential. We celebrate diversity and aim to create global citizens who are dynamic, creative, independent learners.

Our Ethos:

• Deliver a rich and exciting curriculum which engages and motivates our students.
• Encourage a growth mindset and independent learners.
• Provide the opportunity for every student to contribute to the school, local and global community.
• Create opportunities for innovation.
• Promote, through positive role models, resilience, intrinsic motivation and self-confidence.

Our Values:

A always do your best
B be kind and caring
C change the world and make it better