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Board of Governors

The Board consists of nine governors who act in a voluntary capacity. Primarily, the Board’s role is to provide governance and resources that allow the school’s management and staff to deliver a high- quality education. Members of the Board come from all walks of life, bringing considerable experience to the school.

Responsibilities of the Board

  •  Create and monitor policies and procedures that ensure a high level of education is delivered
  •  Ensure that the school has the financial resources to deliver the curriculum
  •  Meet twice a term (at minimum) to receive reports from the Headteacher and sub-committees, discuss and decide on any issues and plan for any relevant activities
  •  Liaise when necessary with government or private entities
  •  Submit audited financial accounts to the KHDA
  •  Meet with school inspectors to receive performance feedback

The Board Members

  • Dr. Pablo Fetter: Chairman
  • Arun Muralidharan: Owners’ Governor
  • Dr. Sue Pattison: Principal
  • Christine Simmonds: Teaching & Learning Governor
  • Hesham Metwali: Arabic & Islamic Governor
  • David Muir: Inclusion Governor
  • Dalia Hesham: Governor
  • Rebecca Smith: Community Governor
  • Jayde Kermeci, EYFS: Teacher Governor
  • Maitri Kapoor: Parent Governor
  • Iman Jemai: Parent Governor
  • Fatema Jasvi, Year 8: Student Council Governor

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